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The Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) [Official]

If you search the web about KBBI then this is a large Indonesian web dictionary in a network that you can access through online media that you have, you can access the web Through this website you are able to search for words in Indonesian that are you don’t know yet, this is very relevant to the current era which is all online.

KBBI online is the official word search page in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI). This page was developed and managed by the Language and Book Development Agency to provide the widest possible access to information to the community and facilitate community participation in the development of Indonesian vocabulary.

The Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is an Indonesian vocabulary search page that has started operating and can be accessed by the general public since October 28, 2016, to coincide with the 88th youth oath day. For those of you who want to use this one website, you need to register in advance for free.

How to Create an Online KBBI Account

As has been said, this is a large Indonesian web dictionary in the network. For those of you who want to enjoy the features in KBBI online, it’s very easy.

First you need to first enter the web if you have entered the page you just need to select the new account register menu.

In creating an account with KBBI online, make sure that the e-mail address you register is a valid or active address and not an address created – if you do not understand e-mail, e-mail is e-mail or post electronic, or better known among children easily in English, e-mail.

In addition to entering a valid or registered e-mail address, you also need to fill in other menus, such as full names, on the full name menu you must completely fill in the fields according to your name listed on the KTP, if in the menu display name, in that column you can make your nickname to be displayed.

After creating a display name, the next thing you have to do is create a password, keep in mind and underline that in the password field that does not mean you enter the password from the e-mail or e-mail you have, but a password that you will use on the account that you are creating. At this stage you have finished creating an online KBBI account.

KBBI Online Feature is a large Indonesian web dictionary in the network in which there are various features. The first feature for general users is the search for entries in KBBI, the search for entry assistance not found, and access to view basic statistics of KBBI online.

While the features for registered users are search entries based on initial letters, popularity of entries, recent searches, word classes, various fields and languages. Furthermore, the links of derivative words, combination of words, proverbs, and idioms of the words sought, mastery of entries, meanings and new examples in KBBI, as well as proposals for improvement of entries, meanings and examples in KBBI.

If comparing between general users and registered users, then it is very clear that the benefits are more obtained by a registered user, therefore there is no harm in you needing KBBI online to register first before using the available features.

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