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How to Buy a Car at SEVA.ID [Complete Guide]

Having a car as a private vehicle not only saves travel expenses, but is also safer and more comfortable, and certainly has high prestige. Therefore, not a few people are more interested in buying a car than a motorcycle.

In today’s digital era, people no longer need to bother visiting car fairs or dealers to buy cars. Enough through the application marketplace via online only. is a marketplace that many people choose to buy cars. Because, in addition to reasons of practicality and efficiency, services are known to be trusted by the public. Not only can you buy a new car, here you can also buy a used car with the best conditions.

How to Buy a Car at

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For those of you who want to buy a car at, here’s how.


To be able to buy a car at, you first need to register an account. How to open the official website of and follow the registration instructions.

Find the Car You Want

After successfully registering and having an account, you can already find the car you want. If you want to buy a new car, click the “new car” option. If you want to buy a used car, click “used car” option.

Take advantage of the “Compare Products” Feature

Take advantage of the “compare products” feature if you are confused about choosing among several car options you want.

Take advantage of the “Expert Choice” Feature

Especially for used car purchases, you can take advantage of the “expert selection” feature. This feature will show a list of cars that have successfully passed 3x inspections. So, the quality is guaranteed.

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Request a Test Drive

When buying a car, to be sure some people need to do a test drive first. Now, at you can request a test drive for the car of your choice.

Check Complete Car Information

After choosing a car, double check the completeness of the car information (condition, specifications, location and original photo of the car) so that the purchase process is smooth.

Continue Ordering and Selecting a Payment Method

If you are sure about the choice of your car, continue ordering. You can request the best offer from the seller regarding the price. Then choose the payment method, installments or cash.

That’s the guide on how to buy a car at Hope this helps!


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