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Full Biography of Irfan Makki: Early Life and Music Career

Irfan Makki is known as a Pakistani-Canadian singer and songwriter. His name is often associated with Swedish male singer Maher Zain and Macedonian-Turkish singer Mesut Kurtis. Besides being a singer, Maki is a renowned composer, musician, and songwriter. During his career journey, he has three albums, one of which is released under Awakening Records []


Irfan Makki was born in Pakistan on October 30, 1975 to a Pakistani family. When he was an infant, his family migrated to Canada where he was raised in a community with culture diversity. Irfan shows his interest to song and music since he was young. He dreamt of using his voice in recitation, therefore he started to upgrade his vocal talents.

A multicultural environment took a major contribution in forming his unique musical style. He was surrounded by diverse communities of vibrant arts and Muslims. During his teen years, Irfan focused in developing his musical style.

Music Career

The music journey of Irfan Makki began as he recorded the first solo CD Reminisce in 1997. Two years later, he collaborated with other musicians and released a CD compilation Light Upon Light. In this compilation album, Irfan contributed some songs but only two of them became hits. Light Upon Light and When the Leaves Begin to Fall were the favorites of nasheed lovers worldwide, majorly in the US and UK.

In 2003, Irfan launched his second solo CD Salam that made another hit. The CD was greatly anticipated by nasheed listeners and soon gave him an opportunity to perform a tour throughout the US and UK. He also shared stages with other famous artists such as Zain Bikha, Dawud Wharnsby, Maher Zain, Native Deen, and many others.

Irfan Makki spread his wings as he signed with Awakening Records. Under this label, he released an album entitled I Believe. This album has 13 tracks, including I Believe song in which he collaborated with Maher Zain. Irfan and Awakening Records also made an official music video to this single.

Popular Works

Since his debut in 1997, Irfan has created a number of works including studio albums, compilation albums, and music videos [doa]. Some songs are more popular than others, such as Light Upon Light that made a name to him. Here are the list of Irfan’s popular songs:

  • Light Upon Light

Light Upon Light is a favorite track among nasheed listeners. In this song, Irfan Maki collaborated with Dawud Wharnsby in a compilation CD with the same name. This compilation album was released in 1999. 

  • When the Leaves Begin to Fall

This song is a part of Irfan’s CD compilation with other musicians. This song has gained commercial success throughout the UK and US and let Irfan attracted public’s attention. This is one of favorite songs in the compilation album aside from Light Upon Light.

  • I Believe

I Believe is the first album released by Irfan Makki after joining Awakening Records. The name of the album is taken from one of its track list, I Believe. This is a collaboration song between Irfan Makki and Maher Zain. This song becomes one of favorite nasheed songs all over the world.

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