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Sasirangan Fabric: The Descendants Fabric from South Kalimantan

One of the distinctive fabrics of Indonesian culture that is famous to foreign countries is Sasirangan fabric. The cloth that comes from the Banjar tribe, South Kalimantan, has a variety of motifs that have been patented by the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. Here are some popular Sasirangan fabric motifs:

  1. Iris Pudak
  2. Kambang Kacang
  3. Bayam Raja
  4. Kulat Karikit
  5. Ombak Sinapur Karang
  6. Bintang Bahambur
  7. Sari Gading
  8. Kulit Kayu
  9. Naga Balimbur
  10. Jajumputan
  11. Turun Dayang
  12. Kambang Tampuk Manggis
  13. Daun Jaruju
  14. Kangkung Kaombakan
  15. Sisik Tanggiling
  16. Kambang Tanjung

But unfortunately, with the uniqueness and usefulness of this very interesting, many parties are faking, or imitating sasirangan fabric. Well, for those of you who want to buy this fabric, of course you have to be careful not to buy fake ones.

Typical Features of Sasirangan Fabric

Before discussing how to see the original Sasirangan fabric, of course you must know how the characteristics of this fabric itself. Sasirangan fabric which originates from ‘filter’ or also means sticking out, then the way to make it is done by sticking out, which is then tied using a raffia rope, then dipped in clothes dyes.

sasirangan fabric local shop
sasirangan fabric local shop

The coloring used is certainly not haphazard, because it uses natural dyes, for example turmeric for yellow, noni for red, kabuau or uar for green, Gandari for purple, and rambutan fruit for brown.

Sasirangan fabric display
Sasirangan fabric display

In addition, so that the color of Sasirangan cloth does not fade easily or is darker in color, then it is then mixed with other natural ingredients, such as nutmeg, cumin, lime, vinegar, alum, alum, clove or lime.

How to see the original Sasirangan fabric

By knowing the characteristics of Sasirangan fabric, then how do you see the original? Made manually, this traditional Indonesian cloth has a beauty and uniqueness that no other type of fabric has.

Please note, that the original Sasirangan fabric is only made manually, not using a printing press, so that its authenticity is very clearly visible. Well, for the original Sasirangan fabric that is made manually has a variety of motives, whereas if made using a printing press, the result is only one motif.

sasirangan fabric motifs
one of sasirangan fabric motifs

In addition, the original Sasirangan fabric can also be seen from the color of the former knitted fabric yarn. Where if the yarn is not white, it can be concluded that it is not the original Sasirangan fabric. In fact, the fabric colors are fake also brighter, different from the original fabric with colors that are more original, calm and tend to be dark.

Ready to buy Sasirangan fabric? Make sure you pay close attention and see carefully every detail of the sasirangan fabric that will be purchased.

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